Importance of the right social media image sizes

Adding visual content to social media means posting the media content with the best specifications. Firstly, you need to be careful of copyright laws. Use images from free or paid image databases like pexels, stock photos, 123rf, etc. You can find a complete database of free copyrighted images here. You may also create your own customized images using free image editing tools like Canva or Photopea. The next important step is to get the right social media image sizes. This is essential because of the following reasons.

  • Optimized images as per each social channel: This may help increase user engagement.
  • Avoids pixelation and stretched images: makes images look professional.
  • Ensures the audience views the entire photo. Incorrect sizing could crop out important content from your image and may cut off your brand’s message.
  • Helps future-proof your content. Being in the know with social media image sizes means less work for your brand in the future when the network changes and there are issues in image display again.

In case if your image does not comply well with the image size specifications of a social media channel. You may always use a free image editing tool, for example, Canva or Photopea to resize your image and keep up with an aspect ratio.