Top Job Posting Sites in Indonesia | Cadslist

The best way to attract active talent for your role is to post it across several job posting sites. Below are some of our top choices for posting jobs in Indonesia when you are looking for talent.

An Indonesian job site founded in 2005, Jobindo is a leader in the job market. Among the features of the site is its availability in English and Bahasa Indonesia, as well as the possibility for employers to post their jobs for free.
2. Snaphunt
We help companies find, screen, and hire talent anywhere in the world using Snaphunt’s smart hiring platform. Simply sign up and you will have the opportunity to post jobs for free on Snaphunt and access a talent pool of 1 million candidates and 650 million profiles while having your job distributed to more than 20 job boards.
3. Indeed
There are free and sponsored job postings on Indeed, which is a globally recognized job board. According to Indeed, the platform gets 250 million unique visitors each month and aims to empower job seekers by giving them free access to job postings, resumes, and company information.
4. Jora
With a presence in numerous countries, Jora is one of the largest free job posting sites in the world. A member of SEEK’s group, it has its headquarters in Australia.
The job search engine helps job seekers locate millions of jobs instantly across thousands of websites. There are 18 localized websites in six languages on this free job posting site. Every day, more than one million job searches are performed on
6. Jooble
The job search engine aggregates job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate websites, recruiter pages and newspapers. In addition to being available in 24 languages, Jooble is available in 71 countries. With 90 million monthly visits on average and 950 million visits in 2019, Jooble was the second most popular job search site (after Indeed).