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A strong pool of active talent can be attracted by posting your role on multiple job posting sites. If you are looking for talent for your Qatari roles, here are our picks for the top job boards.

Qatar Living

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Qatar Living is the first social network in Qatar, often referred to as the LinkedIn of Qatar. In addition to receiving information about Qatar and seeking career opportunities, users visit the site for information and advice about living in the country. Qatar Living offers a premium feature for advertising jobs, and pricing is available upon request.


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Through Akhtaboot, users can find the right career opportunities in Qatar in a simple, effective, and efficient manner. Recruiters can benefit from Akhtaboot’s Online Recruitment Services: Akhtaboot’s hiring packages enable companies to post jobs online. Besides offering job postings in nine other countries across the region, Ahtaboot offers job opportunities across a variety of industries.


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On Naukri Gulf, employers and job seekers can post their jobs and advertise their availability in the middle east, including Qatar. It provides a quick, effective, and affordable forum for employers and job seekers to exchange information.


The Snaphunt hiring platform helps companies hire specialist talent from around the world, including Qatar, by allowing them to find, screen, and hire those employees. A Snaphunt account lets employers advertise their jobs free of charge and gain instant access to more than 650 million profiles from multiple data sources across the web, in addition to being distributed to over 20 job boards.


Recruiting experienced professionals for Qatari companies is also popular on LinkedIn. By choosing a pricing package that suits their specific needs, employers can advertise their jobs on LinkedIn to attract talent.


Indeed is one of the largest job-recruitment websites in Qatar, offering free and sponsored (paid) job postings. In addition to finding jobs, posting resumes, and researching companies, Indeed (Global) receives 250 million unique visitors every month.


Over 1000 recruiters around the world search Monster for resumes every day, making it one of the top-rated job sites in Qatar. When you publish your job advertisement through Monster, it will be displayed on 200 Monster partners’ sites. In order to reach potential candidates regardless of their device of choice, your job ads can be optimized for mobile devices.