Search Engine Submissions: Benefits and Importance

Are you launching a new website or planning to purchase a brand-new domain? Overlooking search engine submissions can be a big mistake. It’s impossible to rank it straight away on search engines like Google. That’s because any search engine will not rank your website unless it doesn’t know that your website exists.  

But don’t worry. There’s good news for all bloggers, e-commerce store owners, entrepreneurs, and emerging businesses. Search Engine submissions is one of the easiest and usually the fastest way to rank your website on SERPs.  

As soon as Google or other search engines become aware of the existence of your website, it starts crawling your website to index (and rank) its pages. 

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Why is Search Engine Submission Important?

Google, the search engine giant, has crawlers that find new websites/URLs by following links from other websites. When you link your site to another website, the search eventually finds and indexes your website. However, webmasters or marketers can speed up this process by submitting new website to a search engine submission sites, manually or automatically. 

Back in the earlier days of Yahoo, Bing, and Google; submitting a website was the first step to take for anyone who wanted to promote its website. Today, things have changed drastically. As the world of search engines is progressing at a rapid rate, most of us consider the idea of submitting our website to search engines as outdated and ineffective. But that’s not quite true. 

Search engine submissions is a sure shot way of ranking your website higher on SERPs and ensuring that it doesn’t get lost in hundreds and thousands of websites online. Although most (not all) search engines index websites on their own by following links and crawling on new pages, submitting a website on your own can speed up the process. Another thing to focus on is to create backlinks to your webpages. That’s how you can grab Google’s attention. Once you get the links, leave the rest of the work for the search engines.  

The steps are easy, and the process is free. Many amateur marketers consider search engine submissions a waste of time because they believe search engines will eventually crawl and index a website for ranking it on SERPs. But considering the rate at which new websites are launching every day, there’s no harm in registering your website to a search engine for free. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of search engine submission.  

Benefits of Search Engine Submission

Firstly, the entire process of search engine submissions is quick and convenient. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to submit your new website to free search engine submission websites.  

All you have to do is submit the URL of your website or webpage to the search engine, be it Bing, Google, or any other search engine. Some popular engines only require users to submit the main URL of a website and will crawl the rest of their website from that same URL. However, there are many search engines that need webmasters to submit the URL of every individual page.  

Let’s briefly review some important benefits of search engine submissions for your website.  

Communicate the Right Place to Start Crawling

When you submit a sitemap URL, you are directing a search engine to begin crawling the website from the most important part. That’s also crucial when a website’s homepage doesn’t have too many links to its other parts. The sitemap also helps crawlers to overcome any obstacles that may be present in your website. 

Boosts Traffic

Search engine optimization is a crucial tool for giving your website publicity and fame. When you optimize your website for search engines, you can easily improve the website’s ratings because Google will rank it and your organic traffic will increase. When your website becomes visible to more people, there are better chances of promoting it on social media channels.  

Gives you an Edge over Rivals

The sole purpose why webmaster prefer to submit their website to search engines is to attain visibility. If you see your rival making great progress in terms of traffic and rankings, search engine submission may be giving them more exposure. Making your website visible and accessible to search engines can help users get more traffic organically, giving them more exposure.  

Bottom Line

Now you know why search engine submissions are important for all website owners. Find out more about how search engine submissions work and how you can submit your website to popular search engines by exploring our blog post Top Search Engine Submission Sites List