SEO Basics Of BackLinks: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Inside this article Cadslist main focus is on SEO basics. We would be going over how to build backlinks, we going to dive inside from the basics of what backlinks are, how you actually go about creating the anchor text points back to your website. How you choose the most profitable backlinks for your time and effort. You want to make sure, you are posting to the right sites that of course rank your website higher. Due that trust that is naturally established from highly credited resources, resourcing you as a backlink. So we going to be dive in to a lot of different analytics from basically beginners all the way to intermediate and expert how to build those backlinks, different types of backlinks that you can build and a whole on more, so if you want to know anything about backlinks, how to rank higher inside the search engine which is really the primary factor using backlink in SEO which is search engine optimization, then this is the article for you.

A backlink quite simply is your site’s url on other domains. These links on other domains pointing to your site in multiple different ways where you do not have control, whether it’s an article or a resource. These links can come in the form of a comment. So again there are all types of ways that you can get these different unique backlinks going to you and the more of course authoritative a website is? I will show you what those figures are, how you determine that, where you get these backlinks, so there of course most beneficial for you and all that really does, if this website is really important linking to you and has this specific phrase inside of it and this phrase is what links back to you. You must be pretty important, even if it’s just your site you know it’s still going to go back to your homepage and say hey, this website is important. Now we are usually dependent on search engines. What keyword you are using will make your site highly ranked. These backlinks are very important to you for ranking, that’s what backlinks are, simply explained. 

I want to explain something a little bit more deeply; you can build less backlinks and get better results.

Structural overview:

I want to show you the kind of structure behind your entire plan, when you are building your links. Obviously they are mainly pointing to your specific page. Suppose there is a link from a website you don’t control and oftentimes you want to link something in your blog, usually I consider an article or post and choice to be vary in format of four hundred plus words. You know it’s not you need a lot of articles, it’s really you need well written and well put together, maybe a little lengthy articles. This is going to rank and bring in ten times more traffic. The only time you really want to have a large amount of articles there be in written is when actually you write every day and then only has to be sometimes few hundred words but all these incoming links go through a blog and then blog is going to your home page and your homepage may be linked to your blog post or something inside.

Content and Quality:

I want you guys to simply grasp this one concept. This is one we can all agree on. When it comes down to content, pretty simple that is king and when it comes to quality, which plays simply a side role that’s Queen. Content comes first and the quality can improve as the traffic improves, that’s why you are seeing some of the top bloggers coming back to some of their most research to bring in their most traffic to them. They update and that of course increases the quality but they had to have the content first to start getting that out here. So you need to have the content, you need to start with something just one thing that doesn’t matter or worry, is you just building off from one thing at a time and then you are increasing the quality. You can come back, you can update posts, you can create new videos, and you can add new images and increase the text, there are all types of different things you can do.

Quality via Relevance:

Basically, What we are trying to do is when we have a website that is all about articles and we have a website coming in and linking to us, maybe has an article but you know the best article. That’s great you know that’s a real quality one but on the other hand a website coming to you and related to sports, so it would decrease your quality and if there is a website having high authority and relevancy and coming to you, search engines can give extra boost. So that relevance is extremely important to the quality. When you have quality that’s inside of the website that is also relevant then that’s basically like 10x for your link and the juice you will get from that it helps Google to rank you with that. This is always going to be true, why? Because Google algorithm is always changing but I can tell you that you are always on a safe but there is going to be a minimum of 2x increase when there is relevance to the website especially the more nature gets. For example when you have a website of .edu and another website linking to you is also an .edu website so it is more relevant because of the content.

Anchor Diversity:

All right I want to talk about anchor text and anchor diversity. So when it comes to anchor text. Basically whatever you have hyperlinking back to your website like I was using the example chocolate, you have an article written and usually it would be in the type of color a blue. Chocolate may even be underlining something like that than the normal rest of the text will go back etc. so often what we need to see when it comes to anchor text, we need to see a great amount of diversity and most of the time you want to follow what’s known as the 80/20 rule and what that simply means is 80 percent of your URLs are going to be what’s known as naked and I will get to explaining that and the other will be anchored. So what naked basically means is its pointing right to your website and its either going to be branding. So one example you would be known as cadslist that’s branding there. So that’s what considered naked and that’s what anchor text is.


All right I want to talk about one thing that’s pretty unique inside of a SEO and this is what’s known as vicinity. Vicinity means you are within a neighborhood or realm a distance within another XYZ of a city just means you are near to something. So again it’s just a distance between two objects A to B. what we are trying to figure out through vicinity inside of a Google and what they often judge is when your website which we will use as the star is getting linked to by certain websites, site A, site B, site C. Now what they are looking for is additionally what types of websites are really linking and ranking these websites as well. All they good domains and what is possible or they being black headed which does happen quite a bit. I am going to show you how to research this later but I am just discussing the ideal. We are going to be identifying different types of things you know a lot of people will use what’s known as TF/CF which is trust flow citation flow or they may use DA/PA which is domain authority, page authority. People on different search engines may still use PR which is page rank. Google doesn’t do this anymore but still this basically used to be the factor of you know one to ten. Has your website in the eyes of Google. Well that’s what these do but it’s a little bit more different, if I remember this correctly Google doesn’t like to be nice the max score you can get on this I believe is a 97 same here so again they are just trying to give you more metrics and quantification of when website is good and when it isn’t.

I want to really discuss things that you can do right now that will help improve your rankings pretty quickly and pretty easy ones.

1: Fix broken links: The way that we are going to do this is I am going to show you actually a lot of these things. First you are going to be done through a tool called screaming frog. Basically what they will end up doing is searching all of our websites detailing different links that are inbound outbound the authority of those links tittles any redirect issues anything that’s missing in the site map anything that Google has but is currently showing you know a broken issue for and you will even solve any of the issues inside your articles and other pages inside your website and If they are linking to other pages that are now no longer existence. So those are big things that you can fix pretty quickly and easy. 

2: Redirect Chain: basically what that means is that you have a page A that
forwards to page B and forward to page C and the ultimate thing is that page B
doesn’t exist. So you need to do is just remove that link and then redirect it like
that oftentimes these links are going to be done inside the Ht access file and its
just going to look something like you know 301 redirects and then you know
that of whatever is going on there.

3: 302=>301: The difference between a 302 and 301 is 302 is temporary. So
Google’s not going to push the SEO that’s build to these pages they have these
302’s is going to keep it in the sense that this is going to return eventually as a
working page. So anything that you have 302 to change over two or three or
one unless you’re actually going to solve those missing pages if you’re not then
again the real ones is the biggest thing that you can do for yourself. Now
outside of that the broken links redirect chains changes 302 into 301.