How To Build Web Directory Backlinks- New Tips 2020

Nowadays ranking your website high on search engines is no more difficult task, If you know how to build web directory backlinks

Directory links have taken quite a hit inside of Google rankings but they’re also still one of the easiest to get. When you use automated software it’s very quick very easy very simple. Often times when people would build one link to a directory the way that your directory would work is it would end up creating multiple issues inside of Google.

It would make sometimes multiple site maps listing different categories which we then give you brand new even though it’s identical content pages. So it would sometimes balloon it and I am being generous here, I am only saying three links that’s what it would end up building you.  Honestly I have seen some go up to as much as 1000 links depending on what the directory was.

Yellow pages were an issue like that for a while so you know it all depends. it’s big and even little sites had little SEO issues but on average this is what people use to get form it and they thought oh wow it was great it’s amazing it’s still great. It’s just that it’s not as great as it was pre 2012 and a lot of you probably may be even haven’t even heard that big directory websites like you may remember DMOZ that’s now gone.

It’s kind of sad fact but at the same time there’s a still lot of great directory so there’s not all the hope lost. It’s just the idea that they’re now going to be less utilized by SEO companies which means it’s to your benefit to obviously get these types of links and they’re like I said very easy to get.

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